CLANER trains Moroccan students on the development of renewable energies in Andalusia

25 October 2023 – The Andalusian Renewable Energy Association (CLANER) continues its participation in the Move Green project to promote the employability and entrepreneurship of young people through collaboration between Andalusia and Morocco, promoted by the Andalusian Municipalities Fund for International Solidarity (FAMSI).

Together with the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), CLANER is actively participating in the second edition, which has just started, of the “Certificate of University Studies in Renewable Energies and Sustainability” in which students from Morocco, with different levels of studies, from vocational training to engineering, will learn first-hand about the development model of renewable energies in Andalusia.

The Renewable Energy Association of Andalusia, as a key entity in the field due to its knowledge, experience and representativeness, is leading the practical part of this postgraduate course, which has increased the number of students this year to nearly thirty.

The students will visit different renewable energy facilities in Andalusia to learn about their operation and management, as well as the headquarters of different leading companies in the sector.

During this course, the Moroccan students will be able to visit, among others, the photovoltaic installations in Teba, Malaga, the Angosturas wind farm, also in Malaga, the Palma del Río thermosolar plant in Cordoba, and the biomass company in Jaén, Peláez Renovables. The programme also includes energy communities, the School of Social Economy and the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada.

Among the companies collaborating in the programme that the students will visit are Enel, Isotrol, Magtel, Navantia, Abengoa, Ge&Pe Ingeniería and Desarrollos Tecnológicos Intelec.

The initiative not only aims to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of young Moroccans in the green economy sectors, contributing to the retention of talent in their country of origin, but also to strengthen partnerships between public and private institutions in Andalusia and Morocco that promote the development of renewable energies and sustainable economy.

This training proposal also promotes contacts with Andalusian companies and entrepreneurs with whom they can later establish work and professional relationships.

The project is co-funded by the European Union, through the Migration Partnership Facility programme, and managed by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).

For further information or to arrange interviews with CLANER management, please contact the Communications Department on 676 46 57 00; 951 910 401 or 951 910 401, or  comunicacion@claner.es